Lauren Hight

Lauren Hight

Bachelor of Arts, Teacher Education, 2010, Columbia International University 

Spanish Teacher, Wesleyan Christian Academy

Winston-Salem, NC

"Mi llamado" - My Calling

I never expected to be a high school teacher. Since the education program prepares graduates for teaching through the eighth grade level, I began to apply for teaching positions in elementary schools after graduating from CIU with an education degree. So when I was offered a job to teach high school Spanish, I was taken by surprise. I quickly discovered that God wanted to use me in a way I had never even considered.

I did my student teaching in Guadalajara, Mexico, and returned with a love for the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. When given the opportunity to teach at Wesleyan Christian Academy, I thought I was just going to be an average Spanish teacher. Excited as I was to teach Spanish, I hadn’t connected how the ability to speak Spanish, one of the most common languages worldwide, could open doors of ministry for my students. 

Throughout my first year of teaching, the Lord has helped me to realize that learning Spanish can equip my students to share Christ with Spanish-speaking people. Once my students realized the value of knowing another language, God has given them a passion to learn and has reshaped how I view my job. What I am doing goes far beyond the classroom, tests and report cards. I see God using me to train the next generation in a unique way so that they can make an impact for Christ and His Kingdom – and that’s a job I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world!