Warren F. Larson

Warren Larson joined the Columbia International University faculty in 1996.  Previously, he worked among Muslims in Pakistan for twenty-three years (1968-1991).  While church planting was the main task, he also conducted a reading room (1968-1976), and administered a Bible correspondence school (1976-1991).  For ten years, Larson was field director of Christar in Pakistan (1978-1988), is former Director of the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies, and currently teaches online courses.  He also helps students with their writing projects.  Due to Dr. Larson’s understanding of Islamic radicalism, he has been quoted widely in both Christian and secular publications.  
He and his wife Carol live in Vancouver, where they are blessed to have two sons and seven grandchildren living close by!


  • PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary 
  • MDiv, Trinity Western University 
  • MMiss, Canadian Theological Seminary 
  • BTh, Vancouver Bible College
  • Diploma in Biblical Education, Peace River Bible Institute 

Selected Publications

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Awards and Honors

  • Book, Islamic Ideology and Fundamentalism: Climate for Conversion to Christianity? was chosen as one of the most significant books on Christian mission, 1998. 
  • Award for Outstanding Research, Islamic Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1995.
  • Award for Excellence in the Study of Greek, Vancouver Bible College, 1974.