Zhiqiu Xu

Zhiqiu Xu
Professor of Theology

Dr. Xu joined the faculty of CIU’s Seminary & School of Ministry in 2014. He teaches Theology and coordinates the Chinese Seminary Studies program. He is the executive director of the North America Mainland Chinese Mission, the executive director of the International Fellowship of Chinese Pastors, and a member of Blessings Cultural Mission Fellowship. He has served as a pastor to local Chinese churches in Philadelphia, PA and Worcester, MA.

Books Published

  • Natural Theology Reconfigured: Confucian Axiology and American Pragmatism (Ashgate Publishing Company: Farnham, UK) 2016
  • The Doctrine of Trinity and Its Implication in Chinese Church Context in Chinese Intellectual Faith Forum (Runup America Inc.: Los Alamos, NM 2015)

Book Reviews

  • J. Chao. A History of Christianity in Socialist China, 1949–1997. In China and Gospel (1999). 

Articles and Essays:

  • "The Divine Truthfulness and the Integrity of His People." Behold Magazines 77 (2016)
  • "The Spectrum of Truth." Behold Magazines, 72 (2015).
  • “Learning from Wesleyan Theology, a Chinese Perspective.”Behold Magazines  68 (2014).
  • “The Concept of Magisterium and Its Pertinence to the Church in China.” Behold Magazines 67 (2014).
  • “Did Jesus Truly Resurrect from the Dead?” Behold Magazines 66 (2014).
  • “Control vs. Submission, Some Insights on the Kenotic Obedience of Jesus.” Behold Magazines 57 (2012).
  • “Divine Beauty and Human Koinonia, A Study on John 14-17.” Christianity Today International(May, 2011).
  • “A Trans-placed Encounter Between the East and the West, A Journey in Kingston.”  Behold Magazines 44 (2010).