Becky Kilgus

Associate Professor of Music Education

B.A. Music Education, University of South Carolina

M.M.Ed., Boston University

For over 20 years, Mrs. Kilgus has taught general music and choir at all levels of primary and secondary education She has produced and directed middle and high school musicals and performed in community theater. She has directed All-City choirs and prepared students for competition and All-State choirs. Her research explored the effects of kinesthetic instruction on music learning in choral ensembles. She has observed that through participation in music ensembles, students learn self-discipline, experience team work, build self-confidence, and develop creativity. Music has the power to stir the emotions and to deliver important, memorable messages to the soul. It provides life-long recreation as singers carry their instrument (vocal cords) with them wherever they go. As Christians, music educators have the unique opportunity to teach music from a Biblical perspective, encouraging young people to use their musical gifts to glorify God through psalms (worship), hymns (doctrine), and spiritual songs (personal experience).