Daniel Criswell

Daniel Criswell
Dr. Daniel Criswell
Professor of Biology
Professor of Biology

Dr. Daniel Criswell joined the Columbia International University faculty in 2022. Previously, he was a biology professor at Louisiana Christian University (2010–2022), a research biologist for the Institute for Creation Research (2004–2010), and taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Montana (2001–2003). He started his teaching career as a high school teacher and football coach at Portland Christian H.S. (1983–1996).

Dr. Criswell is married to Leona (1979) and the couple have four children and seven grandchildren. Dr. Criswell and his wife Leona have lived most of their adult lives in the Northwest (Montana, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming).


  • PhD Molecular Biology, University of Montana
  • MS Biology, Institute for Creation Research
  • BS Zoology, Weber State University

Selected Publications

  • Criswell, D., Tobiason, V.L., Lodmell, J.S., and Samuels, D.S. 2006. Mutations Conferring Aminoglycoside and Spectinomycin Resistance in Borrelia burgdorferi. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 50(2):445–452.
  • Criswell, D. 2009. Neandertal DNA and Modern Humans. Creation Research Society Quarterly 45(2):246–254.
  • Criswell, D. 2009. A Review of Mitoribosome Structure and Function Does not Support the Serial Endosymbiosis Theory. Answers Research Journal 2:107–115
  • Criswell, D. December 1, 2004. The Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance. Acts and Facts Impact 378.