David A. DeWitt

Dr. David DeWitt
Dr. David DeWitt
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. David DeWitt is a biomedical scientist with over 25 years of higher education experience including 9 years chairing the department of biology and chemistry at Liberty University prior to joining CIU (Columbia International University). Dr. DeWitt earned his Ph.D. in Neurosciences from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Michigan State University. He has received research grants from the National Institutes of Health and has coauthored articles and published in peer reviewed science journals with an emphasis on neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s Disease. His research has focused on identifying the initial triggers that underly the cause of the disease in the hopes of finding a cure.

Dr. DeWitt currently serves as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. As an educator, Dr. DeWitt has taught a variety of both undergraduate and graduate science courses including biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy & physiology, general biology, and origins. Throughout his career, he led the development of 13 undergraduate science degree programs and graduate degrees at the master's and doctoral levels. At CIU, he has been working to build robust science programs to prepare future scientists, physicians, and other health professionals from the Biblical worldview.

Dr. DeWitt gives glory to God as Creator and is passionate about discussing origins. Dr. DeWitt enjoys teaching human anatomy & physiology because it gives an opportunity for students to learn how fearfully and wonderfully made we are. He has taught at the Institute for Creation Research and authored numerous articles for Answers in Genesis. His book, Unraveling the Origins Controversy: Science and the Bible Confirm Creation has been used at several universities in origins classes.

Dr. DeWitt and his wife, Marci, have three grown children. Natives of Michigan, they both enjoy the warmer weather in South Carolina. They have a cavapoo named Joy.


  • Ph.D. in Neurosciences, Case Western Reserve University
  • B.S. in Biochemistry, Michigan State University

Selected Publications

  • DeWitt, D.A. Unraveling the Origins Controversy: Science and the Bible Confirm Creation. Creation Curriculum LLC Lynchburg 2015.
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Awards and Honors

  • President’s Award for Teaching Excellence, Liberty University 2001
  • Kirtland Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching 1995