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David Olshine, Professor of Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture
Dr. David Olshine
Professor of Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture
Professor of Youth Ministry, Family, and Culture

Dr. David Olshine came to CIU as the Director and Professor of Youth Ministry in 1993. Dr. David is a popular professor on campus. His interests and expertise are in the areas of communicating for life change, evangelism and discipleship along with counseling youth and families. Before coming to Columbia, he served as a youth pastor, associate pastor and lead pastor of a college church in Ohio and Oklahoma. David Olshine is a sought-after speaker around the country and author of 15 books.


  • DMin, Eastern University
  • MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • BGS, Ohio University

Selected Publications


  • Youth Ministry: What’s Gone Wrong and how to get it right  Abingdon Press 10/15/13
  • Studies on the Go: Proverbs Zondervan 7/10/10
  • Studies on the Go: Philippians Colossians first and second Thessalonians Zondervan 7/28/09
  • I want to talk with my teen about Guy stuff Standard publishing 10/2/06
  • The Revelation Epic: preparing Youth Group’s for Earth’s Final Days: A creative study of Revelation 5-22 Standard publishing January 2003
  • Actual Reality: Livin’ the truth in an unreal world Standard Publishing 9/15/2004
  • The Revelation Letters: Preparing Youth Groups for Christ’s Return  Standard Publishing May 2001
  • Down but Not Out Parenting:  50 Ways to Win With Your Teen  IUniverse, Inc. 12/28/2000
  • co-authored / contributed Tag-Team Youth Ministry: 50 ways to involve parents and other caring adults iUniverse December 2000


  • Soul Care: Just an Humble Guy May 2013
  • Soul Care: The Shift From Me To Them: Youth Doing Ministry February 2013
  • Soul Care: Warning Signs for the Dying Soul February 2012
  • Creative Bible Lessons on the Trinity March 2012
  • Rites of Passage and Cultural Markers May 2012
  • Soul Care: Is American-Style Youth Ministry Killing Your Soul? March 2011
  • Wired that Way: How Your Temperament Impacts Your Profession and Passion May 2011
  • Soul Care: Recalculating: Handling Conflict in Ministry November 2011
  • Soul Care: From Green to Gray: Tips for Ministry Longevity October 2010
  • Gray Can (Still) Seize the Day: Years Bring Advantages to Older Youth Workers October 2010
  • Soul Care: Pain that Heals March 2009
  • Maturity Rarely Happens  Solo April 2009
  • Curve Balls, Gut Punches an Heartaches October 2009
  • The Graying of the American Youth Worker December 2009
  • The ‘In-Between’ Bunch: Using Interns in Your Ministry December 2009
  • Boys Will Be Boys: Rites of Passage and Male Teens December 2009
  • Grumpy Old Youth Workers? Part 1: the Grace and Calling of Growing Older in Ministry December 2009
  • Grumpy Old Youth Workers? Part 2: The Costs and Benefits of Growing Old in Ministry December 2009
  • The Journal of a Junkie December 2009
  • The Heart of the Matter March 2008
  • The Sabbath Sabbatical July 2008
  • Soul Care: Caped Crusaders October 2008
  • Confronting the Avoidance Syndrome September 2008
  • Confessions of an Aging Youth Ministry Worker March 2007
  • To Go or Stay in Youth Ministry: That Is The Question July 2007
  • The Tale of Two Events November 2007
  • Scanning Beneath the Surface May 2001

Awards and Honors

  • 2015 Excellence in Teaching Award – Columbia International University; Honored by South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU)

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