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TK Dunn
Dr. Tim Dunn
Associate Professor of History and Theology
Associate Professor of History and Theology

Dr. TK Dunn came to Columbia International University from the United Kingdom where he lived until he was in his mid-20s. He came to the States for seminary in Louisville, KY, before working in pastoral ministry as he finished his doctoral work in Divinity. He is currently building out a History program at CIU alongside teaching various aspects of Evangelical, Historical, and Systematic Theology. 

Dr. Dunn has been married to his wife, Yesenia, who is an RN at Lexington Medical Center in Columbia. They enjoy cooking (or, specifically, eating), walking, hiking, watching crime shows on tv, and playing with their dog, Wellington. Dunn plays the saxophone, guitar, and piano (though not all at once), has written some hymns that address critical theological aspects of the faith that have been neglected in traditional hymnody, and is nervously excited as an Arsenal F.C. fan. He likes to play soccer, ping pong, and badminton when given the opportunity.

Current research topics are the Trinity, the Printing Press, the life, ministry, and theology of P.T. Forsyth, and ancient religions.


  • PhD, University of Aberdeen (Scotland)
  • MDiv, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 
  • MA, University of Nottingham (England)
  • Preaching Certificate, Cornhill Bible School (England)
  • BA, Queen’s University, Belfast (N. Ireland)

Selected Publications

  • Prophet, Priest, Prince, and the Already, Not Yet. Wipf and Stock, 2023.
  • “The Holy Love of P.T. Forsyth.” Presentation for ETS. 2022
  • “Always Reforming: Reflections on Martin Luther & Biblical Studies” Book Review, JETS, 2022.

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