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Library Donations Policy

The Library welcomes gifts of materials that assist in the accomplishment of its mission, goals and objectives. Gifts and donations will be accepted in accordance with the selection policy guidelines that govern the selection of purchased materials, and in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. Items must be clean and free of all dust, dirt, mildew, and water damage

2. Items must be free of ink or highlighter underlining or writing

3. Items must be free of musty, dirty or mildew odor

4. Textbooks and encyclopedias will not be accepted

*The library does not accept donations of items that have been stored in basements, garage or attics.

The Library retains the right to decline any donation. Gifts become the property of the Library and may be sold, donated or disposed of as determined by Library staff if they are not added to the collection. The use of funds resulting from the sale of donated items will be determined by the Library Director. The Library does not appraise donations. However, a letter of receipt will be sent to the donor if specified on the Library Donation Form. Periodicals will generally be accepted only to replace damaged or missing issues.



Review CIU’s Copyright Policies and Copyright FAQs here.



Two photocopiers are available at Circulation. Patrons may use coins or dollars to load copies onto a copy card or student ID or to directly operate machines at a charge of $.10/copy. Copy cards may be purchased using our automated machine.


Food and Drink Policy

Drinks are permitted in the library only in covered containers. Snack food (only) is allowed when following these guidelines: Avoid snacks that may disturb other patrons with either noise or smell. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. Please keep food and drinks away from the computers. You will be responsible for paying for any damage to library-owned materials.

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