Graduate and Seminary

Graduate & Seminary Transfer Students

Graduate and seminary transfer students complete the same application process as non-transfer applicants.

Graduate & Seminary Application

All courses you’ve earned at another institution may not transfer to CIU. To transfer courses into an M.A. or M.Div. degree at CIU, the courses must be:

  • Earned from an accredited institution.
  • Earned with a grade of 2.0 (C) or above.
  • Courses that fit into your program choice at CIU.

Other transfer information:

  • Up to, but not exceeding, 49 percent of the degree may be transferred.
  • Due to accreditation standards, no credit for life experience may be given. 
  • Not all programs offer the same transfer.
  • College of Education, College of Intercultural Studies and College of Counseling students seeking to transfer credit must request permission through petition.
  • Columbia Biblical Seminary students may apply transfer credit to the free elective category only if a comparable CIU course is offered at the graduate level.

Complex Transfer Situations

The academic dean of each specific college will handle complex transfer situations.

Unaccredited Institutions

  • An unaccredited institution must be approved through a registrar review.  If your institution is approved, transfer credit may be applied to your program. Contact the CIU Registrar’s Office for further details.
  • Approval of an institution is valid for three years, after which the institution must be reevaluated by the associate provost.

International Schools

  • Must be evaluated by an outside agency such as WES or AACRAO.
  • The student is responsible to submit any materials and pay associated fees.

Transfer Policies PDF Download

Still need more information? Download a PDF of CIU’s transfer policy.