Life After CIU

Your time at CIU never truly ends. Our students leave as a member of a tight-knit community of more than 18,000 alumni.

The transition from campus life can seem daunting at first, but CIU’s Career Services is a great source for personal advising and prayer, resume help, and career counseling. And, of course, there’s the Handshake job portal.

Education doesn’t end with your degree, either. CIU offers learning for life resources online and on campus, such as the Lowrie Center and Robertson McQuilkin Library, to continue building upon the foundation built at our Christian university and seminary.

From events to news, to services and a directory, the CIU Alumni website provides everything you need to stay in-touch and informed about all things CIU.

CIU resources, plus our powerful alumni network, will ensure that you succeed in the path God has laid out for you.