Local Church Connections

In this photo, a representative is sharing information with CIU students during a Church Fair.

Spreading your wings spiritually is one of the greatest opportunities that God offers to new students away from home for the first time. Attending a local church is a great way to enhance that experience. 

In addition to the rich experience of chapel and other gatherings on campus, CIU encourages — indeed, expects — students to find a new church home while you’re a student here.  When you find a Bible teaching church, become involved, attend weekly worship service and Bible study or Sunday school. There are hundreds of churches in the Columbia area of various denominations, so the task of finding a church can seem daunting. We lighten the load a little by hosting a Church Fair in the student center in September. Representatives from churches throughout the city are on campus to share information about their church. 

Remember, the CIU educational philosophy is all about the holistic approach of engaging the “Head, Heart and Hands.” Joining a church community is a great way to live that experience.