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  • Dr. Jill McElheny, CIU Director of Nursing Programs

    CIU Announces Director of Upcoming Nursing Program

    In preparation for a Nursing degree program at Columbia International University, Dr. Jill McElheny has been hired as the program director to begin laying a solid foundation for the future of Nursing at CIU.

    McElheny brings a wealth of experience in leading the operations of a fast-growing Christian Nursing program at Colorado Christian University (CCU) in Lakewood, Colorado where she...

  • IU student Wylliam Yougnia samples a taste of the World Christian Week international food cook-off.

    Good News across the globe: World Christian Week

    By Joshua Ford

    CIU Student Writer

    During a global pandemic, Columbia International University took the time to celebrate something that has helped spread Good News across the globe for many years: World Christian Week.

    Missionaries, who are CIU alumni, spoke during Chapel and mission groups set up stations in The Quad where they...

  • Dr. Johnathan Reibsamen, Philosophy program director

    But what is justice?

    By Joshua Ford

    CIU Student Writer

    Plato said that justice has more to it than being honest and paying debts. There’s more to it than doing good to friends and harm to enemies, and there’s more to it than having the interest of the stronger social class of people. He says that justice is the excellence of the soul and that injustice is the defect of...

  • CIU Assistant Cross Country Coach Blaise Shields assists neighborhood representatives at Temple Zion Baptist Church. (Photos by CIU Student Photographer Johnathan Rabon)

    CIU blesses community with over one thousand pounds of food

    Columbia International University students, faculty and staff blessed the community with 1,200 USDA-approved, fresh-produce boxes at two locations on Oct. 23. The boxes were secured through the Society of St. Andrew, a food rescue and distribution ministry headquartered in Virginia.

    The first distribution of 660 boxes was at...

  • Dr. Mike Langston (Photo by Kierston Smith)

    Chaplaincy professor honored with national award

    By Bob Holmes

    As Columbia International University Chaplaincy Professor Dr. Mike Langston sat in the back of the meeting room, he thought it was rather strange that no one gave him an itinerary of events for the annual meeting of The Military Chaplains...

  • Columbia International University Old Testment Professor Dr. Ben Noonan is taking a deeper look at Egypt in the Bible.

    Professor taking a deeper look at Egypt in the Bible

    By Bob Holmes

    A study leave that included a trip to Egypt has a Columbia International University professor considering a deeper look into the biblical importance of the ancient North African nation.

    Professor of Old Testament, Dr. Ben Noonan toured Egypt in early 2020 with...

By Bob Holmes
A $4 million renovation of the Columbia International University Dining Hall is underway that will feature a traditional serving line plus, a multi-station elliptical, expanding... Read More
Michelle Raven, PhD
By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

“Education really happens when students are on the field,” said Dr. Ed Smither, dean of CIU’s College of Intercultural Studies (ICS), as he... Read More
Sgt. Troy Angell
As a military honor guardsman, Columbia International University alumnus Sgt. Troy Angell says he helps provide “a holy moment” at military funerals.
Angell serves with the Michigan Army National... Read More
McKenzie Jewett
CIU student to compete in Miss South Carolina Pageant
By Ireland Kost
CIU Student Writer
McKenzie and I regularly pass each other on campus and were in the same college algebra class, but we never... Read More
By Bob Holmes
After years of performing as an amateur at Columbia’s Town Theatre, Columbia International University 2015 alumnus Jeremy Reasoner is moving on to professional theatre.
Beginning this... Read More
Dr. Steven Johnson
By Naomi Balk
CIU Student Writer
Columbia International University students remembered God’s faithfulness to His promises and the truth of redemption from sins by participating in a Holy... Read More
Palm Sunday at JUC
Columbia International University has an educational partnership with Jerusalem University College, an evangelical institution on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. CIU’s Middle Eastern Studies majors study a... Read More
Dr. John Harvey
A new commentary on Romans written by the dean of the CIU Seminary & School of Ministry offers up-to-date scholarship and concrete application for preachers and lay teachers.  
The... Read More
CIU students with scholarship donor
CIU students excited to meet their scholarship donors
Annual luncheon brings students and donors face-to-face
By Bob Holmes
David Wolff calls it “one of the highlight days” of his year. Wolff and his... Read More
CIU Students meet a scholarship donor.
Annual luncheon brings students and donors face-to-face
By Bob Holmes
David Wolff calls it “one of the highlight days” of his year. Wolff and his wife Diane were among 85 Columbia International... Read More
amilla Cruz (left) as Gabriella Montez and Ireland Kost as Sharpay Evans
By Ireland Kost (Sharpay Evans) 
The colorful stage lights, powdery makeup, sparkling costumes, and energetic songs flash before me. “I don’t know Sarah,” I confessed, “I just have too many other... Read More
Pastors Malcolm Walls (left) and Jeff Philpott, a CIU alumnus
By Ireland Kost
CIU Student Writer
Imprinted on a large stone just outside of the Rossi Student center are the words “Evangelical Unity.” As one of CIU’s core values, the campus... Read More