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CIU students with scholarship donor
CIU students excited to meet their scholarship donors
Annual luncheon brings students and donors face-to-face
By Bob Holmes
David Wolff calls it “one of the highlight days” of his year.... Read More
amilla Cruz (left) as Gabriella Montez and Ireland Kost as Sharpay Evans
By Ireland Kost (Sharpay Evans) 
The colorful stage lights, powdery makeup, sparkling costumes, and energetic songs flash before me. “I don’t know Sarah,” I confessed, “I... Read More
Pastors Malcolm Walls (left) and Jeff Philpott, a CIU alumnus
By Ireland Kost
CIU Student Writer
Imprinted on a large stone just outside of the Rossi Student center are the words “Evangelical Unity.” As one of CIU’s core values, the... Read More
The song “This Side Of Sunday” written by 1996 Columbia International University alumnus Mitch Townley received the 2018 Inspirational Country Song Of The Year award from The Inspirational Country... Read More
By Naomi Balk
CIU Student Writer
Columbia International University students gathered for the House Summit on an April weekend to focus on the theme of rest and to celebrate life together over the... Read More
Laura Camplejohn
By Naomi Balk and Ireland Kost
CIU Student Writers
Columbia International University’s annual Shofar Cup week of competition included energy-packed events as students showcased their talents,... Read More
By Naomi Balk
CIU Student Writer
Columbia International University students, alumni and members of the community put on their running shoes for the “5K for Freedom,” a race to raise... Read More
South Carolina Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette visited the Columbia International University campus to discuss criminal justice reforms in the state that are making communities safer, strengthening families... Read More
By Ireland Kost

CIU Student Writer
The CIU Rams Invitational, Columbia International University’s first home track and field meet in school history, embodied dedication, new beginnings... Read More
Dr. Warren Larson with the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies at CIU
Muslims at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, were victims of a terrorist attack on March 15. Fifty people were killed and another 50 injured.
Prior to the attack, the man accused of the... Read More
Columbia International University is making it easy for Argosy University students to enroll at CIU. We understand the challenges facing Argosy students following the news of the mid-semester closure... Read More
As a teacher, Dr. Ed Smither, dean of the Columbia International University College of Intercultural Studies, loves coming alongside students and helping them discover their place in the mission of... Read More