10 Great Reasons to earn your MBA online at CIU

June 17, 2019

Take it from a man with an extensive background in business and business education. There are at least 10 great reasons to earn your MBA online at Columbia International University.

Dr. Thomas E. Griffin, the program director of CIU’s online business programs, is much more than an educator. His wide-ranging professional experience adds depth of insight to CIU’s business programs.

Griffin’s entrepreneurial skills have led him to co-ownership, top management positions and consultancy in a variety of businesses endeavors including the pulp and paper industry, mass measurement systems, electronic connection services, and even an automated truck wash.  

He has served as a professor and administrator at a number of higher education institutions including Nova Southeastern University and Indiana Wesleyan University, and has contributed numerous professional papers on business. In addition, he sits on several community boards, served in the U.S. Army, and is currently a member of the Texas State Guard.

Here are his “10 Reasons to Earn Your MBA Online at CIU.”

  1. Self-efficacy. You’ll cultivate confidence as an MBA increases knowledge and enhances your ability to accomplish goals, complete complex tasks, and develop self-assurance in professional and personal settings. MBA enlightenment helps you understand the “whys” behind a business decision and generally translates into increased important decision-making capability.
  2. Communication and Networking. An MBA graduate has demonstrated credentials to communicate in the business world. You must speak the language of business to be successful in business. With an MBA, you’ll greatly enhance your networking channels through association with other business professionals, both in online class settings, and through interaction with others who have earned a graduate degree.
  3. Better Able to Serve God. With the increased knowledge you’ll acquire through an MBA, comes the increased responsibility to use this knowledge for God’s purposes. An MBA graduate can better serve God professionally, in church, and in other ministry settings.
  4. Credibility. An MBA degree is a recognized “gold” standard. Either you have one or you don’t.
  5.  Flexibility. With an MBA from CIU, you’ll learn from professors who are practicing professionals and fellow students who come from a wide range of backgrounds and work experiences. This occurs in a system model that allows you to continue in your career while attending classes.
  6. Increased Salary Potential. Research consistently shows that those with an MBA have a significant difference in salary as compared to those with other graduate degrees.
  7. Increased Career Opportunities. An MBA broadens your career opportunities, and if you also obtain a concentration in a specialty area, there is an increased chance for a career field change.
  8. Biblical Worldview. A graduate from CIU learns from a Christian perspective. This means that all course content clearly connects to a biblical worldview.
  9. High-Quality Faculty. CIU selects faculty members from the worldwide population. All are highly credentialed, academically vetted, trained in the learning platform, and are professing and practicing Christians. Quality standards ensure assessment of the faculty, encouraging continuous improvement.
  10. Columbia International University. A highly reputable university with a long history of academic excellence. CIU is accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). 

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