Apartment Community Moves Forward

Construction crews pour concrete at 4 a.m.
March 02, 2010

It was Feb. 26, 4 a.m. The students of Columbia International University, even the ones who had stayed up late cramming for the next day's assignments, were fast asleep in the residence halls. But within the hour some of them may have picked their heads up off the pillow, if only for a moment, to wonder at the sound outside. The rumble of cement mixers. The crew of Matthews Construction was already on the job. This was the day the sleepy students would recall that CIU President Bill Jones said the concrete would be poured for Pine View Apartments - the new CIU apartment community. Under high intensity lights - the kind you see used by crews doing overnight construction on the interstates - and in 20 degree weather, the brick and mortar (and concrete) aspect of "laying a foundation for the future" at CIU was underway.

The Pine View Apartments are just one element of campus expansion plans that have been in development for nearly three years. The initial phase, expected to be completed in time for the fall semester in August, will include 96 apartment homes in four garden-style apartment buildings. When fully complete, the community will feature 204 apartment homes covering approximately 12 acres.

A total of 26 acres is under development at CIU. Future expansion plans include athletic fields and academic buildings.

For more information about Pine View Apartments go to: http://www.pineview.ciu.edu/.