Battling midterm stress with “Flour Wars”

Nick Smith relieves some midterm stress at the "Flour Wars."
March 09, 2020

By Ireland E. K. McNeill


It's like a snowball fight, but with a rainbow. On the CIU intramural field, explosions of color soared through the air, as upper-level students and new faces battled.

Walking around campus days before, students saw eye-catching posters announcing CIU's first-ever "Flour Wars'' hosted by Student Mission Connection (SMC). The posters read, "Always wanted to take part in a color run but do not want to do the running part? We hear you!" Many identified with that. Students were directed to wear worn, white clothing to get messy for the anticipated event.

The first-ever Flour Wars was like a college student’s dream. Arriving at the intramural field students were welcomed with all-you-can-eat snacks and buckets filled with “flour bombs.” The flour bombs consisted of colorfully dyed, baking flour inside a ball of thin mesh. All one had to do was grab a few and they were armed to fight! One solid pitch easily sent the sacks of flour zipping through the air only to burst magnificently a moment later, smothering a target (typically a classmate) in a cloud of color.

Students ran dodging and ducking while their friends squinted their eyes and slung their "ammo" at the moving targets. Some students more willingly embraced surrender, flinging their arms out bravely and laughing as people aimed in their direction, the falling flour filtering through the sunlight. Meanwhile, many simply picked up color bombs and hit themselves to self-tie dye their outfits!

"My favorite part of the event was watching it all take place, alliances being formed, and the result of the colored flour being stuck all over each other. Not to mention, having someone yell ‘attack the president’ and running for my life," said Jennifer Plymale, who is SMC’s leader.  

Her team's simple goal in hosting the event was to provide a positive environment while de-stressing before midterm papers and exams.

In less than one week, SMC organized three events; in addition to Flour Wars, SMC hosted a "Walking Taco Fiesta" (giving out free dinner to students) and a "Puppy Playdate" (sponsoring a time to cuddle with puppies on campus). "I have really enjoyed serving with the team that I have and seeing them serve with the heart of Christ and doing whatever is needed to make the events phenomenal," Plymale said.

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