Christian Life Conference: Fearing God, Not Men

World Christian Week speaker Robert J. Morgan
CIU student Izzy Markle talks about his experiences on the 1More Tour
CIU students gather on World Christian Week Prayer Day
September 16, 2010

By Abbey Shoemaker, CIU student writer

Best-selling author, pastor, and Columbia International University graduate Robert J. Morgan was the keynote speaker during the 2010 Christian Life Conference at CIU. The annual week-long event focuses on CIU's core value of "Victorious Christian Living" and the first part of CIU's motto "To know Him and to make Him known." The Rev. Morgan taught a series of messages from Exodus, bringing attention to the book's theme of redemption and ending the week with a challenging sermon on Moses' response to God's calling. Throughout the week, students were exhorted to live as God-fearers in a generation that desperately needs examples of people who value the approval of God rather than men.

The culmination of the week was Thursday, a day set aside for prayer, worship, and study of God's Word. During Thursday's Chapel, the five bicyclists of the 1More Tour shared how God used their 1,700-mile East Coast summer recruitment trip to meet 1More potential CIU student, reconnect with 1More CIU alumnus, and share the love of Christ with 1More person. The tour included four CIU students and one CIU alumnus. They told countless stories of God's provision throughout the summer in providing places to stay and people with whom to connect. Students, faculty and staff then spent a season in prayer asking God to grow the seeds that were planted through the ministry of the 1More Tour.