CIU president exhorts students to lead with courage

CIU president exhorts students to lead with courage

CIU's Shortess Chapel

CIU President Dr. Mark Smith chats with students at a spring semester welcome event. (Photo by Kierston Smith)

By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

Columbia International University President Dr. Mark Smith welcomed the student body back this semester with the challenge to be leaders. “God’s calling you to be the next generation of leaders.”

Quoting from his book “Leading Change Smith pointed out “87 percent of people are takers, 10 percent are dreamers, and three percent are those who get the job done.”

“I want to challenge you to be leaders,” he said.

“I want to be that 3 percent. I want to bring the change,” said junior Heather Blackburn who has already been connecting with other students and faculty to see what she can to do to impact her sphere of influence.

Smith said leaders challenge the status quo, motivate others, enable resource organization, and implement vision ultimately leading to change in the world.

His message centered on Joshua 1:3-9, demonstrating how Joshua was an example of a bold leader with character who was willing to serve as Moses’s helper, but more importantly, he was obedient to God.

Smith also noted that Joshua’s divine calling to be leader of God’s people was complemented by competence and servant leadership reminding the students no task is too lowly for a servant leader. “God always has a prepared place for prepared people.”

After the message, sophomore Wilson Patterson said he saw Smiths’ deep care for developing student leaders and loving well.

“Change in the culture will come from students,” Patterson added.

Senior Sabrina Williams said she is ready to lead.

“Let new adventures begin.”

Hear Dr. Mark Smith’s message “Leaders, It’s Your Turn,” on CIU’s podcasts.

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