Dynamic speaker shares God’s love at Ladies Night Out

September 18, 2019

By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

The women of CIU were reminded of the power of God’s love during a “Ladies Night Out” with author and speaker Susie Shellenberger.

Shellenberger, who was also the speaker for CIU’s annual Christian Life Conference Week, reminded the CIU coeds, and female faculty and staff, that each person is a beloved of God. Using the passage in 2 Samuel 13 which tells the story of David’s dysfunctional family and how Tamar was violated, Shellenberger, showed how Tamar still had value.

“Something bad [may have] happened to you, and that wasn’t your fault,” Shellenberger told the women.  

Wearing a bright blue jacket, she waved her arms, “Don’t believe the lies the world shouts! God is in the restoration business. He wants to totally transform you. [You may ask] how Susie?  Let’s go to Scripture.”

After reading Romans 12:2, Shellenberger continued, “Don’t conform; be transformed! Know that you are the object of God’s love. … Let that transform your mind.”

Shellenberger, who has toured with a number of female Christian music artists such as Point of Grace and Rebecca St. James, further reminded the women of their spiritual royalty.

“It could be that you needed to be reminded … [that] I am the beloved of the King. Maybe things in the past have paralyzed you. [Don’t forget] You still have access to the palace.”

CIU Intercultural Studies graduate student Jamie Fabling said Shellenberger makes the truth of the Bible come to life.

“(She) reminded me why I am I’m studying here at CIU,” Fabling said. “It’s not for personal knowledge, it is because I want others to know the simple and beautiful gospel: we are beloved. That truth changes and transforms both individuals and communities.”

Hear Shellenberger’s Christian Life Conference messages on CIU’s podcasts.

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