Latest Medical Update on Dr. Smith

Dr. Mark Smith's Medical Update
March 10, 2020

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I have been to California and Pennsylvania in ministry in the last two weeks and have now returned. Glad to be home!  Today was a big day for our family as I visited my Oncologist, Dr. Wells.  I had many organs scanned and a bone scan, and he gave me an excellent report and said I am cleared for 3 more months as cancer free. We are so thankful for the grace of God in allowing us more time together. I would ask that you pray as I do have a partially collapsed left lung and need healing. With this and a weakened immune system, Dr. Wells has ordered me not to shake hands, high five, no hugs etc. and no flying for a short time until the coronavirus has cleared. Please know, I am trying to be careful, as we all should be. He said healthy people are fine but if you are sick, stay away from others right now - how about thumbs up as we pass?!  Lol

Overall, I say Praise to God for His blessing. Hallelujah!

Love and Prayers in Christ,

Mark Smith

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November 12, 2019

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I had my two-week update after discovering I had renal carcinoma and had the kidney removed. My doctor shared the pathology report and said that as of today with the kidney removal and surrounding tissue, they find no more cancer.  Due to the cancer being stage 3 and a likelihood of recurrence at some future time in my life, I am being referred to an oncologist from MUSC for intense observation.  Again, today I am cancer free and we praise God.  I rest in the “secret place of the Most High and dwell under the shadow of theAlmighty (Psalm 91).” 

As far as work, I am planning to gradually come to work for a couple of hours this week and build up.  The worse thing about losing a kidney is energy loss, but with God’s help I will join you as I can. Much love and prayers to you.

Debbie and I thank all of you for gifts and gift cards, prayers, flowers, dinners, etc. Wow, we feel loved! 

This life is His,


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October 28, 2019

Dr. Smith is out of surgery. They were able to complete his surgery laparoscopically. There are no other signs of cancer outside of the kidney and they were able to remove the tumor. We are praising God for His mercy and protection during this procedure. Please pray for Dr. Smith as he enters into a time of recovery. Thank you for all the prayer and support for Dr. Smith and his family.

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September 25, 2019


Today at 9:00 am Debbie and I met with the oncologist/surgeon. On October 28 at noon, I will have a nerf football sized kidney and renal mass(left side) removed through laparoscopic surgery.  I will be in the hospital a couple of days and then face a 2-4 week recovery. The great news is that I have no cancer anywhere else  in my body.  I will not need chemo, radiation etc. The treatment is removal. The doctor said I will only struggle with energy for a few months but with diet and gradual exercise I should be fine.

Debbie and I are praising God for a great report and that there is no other cancer.

To God be the Glory,

Mark Smith


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