Popular Bible Software Adds Books by CIU Professors

May 01, 2012

Logos Bible Software, used by over 55,000 pastors, Bible teachers, and students now features two complementary textbooks written by two Columbia International University professors.

“Greek is Good Grief: Laying the Foundation for Exegesis and Exposition” by Dr. John Harvey and “Greek is Great Gain: A Method for Exegesis and Exposition” by Dr. William Larkin, are now available to the subscribers of the Logos Bible Software package.  Harvey is the dean of CIU Seminary & School of Ministry, while Larkin is a professor of Biblical Studies in the seminary. 

“Greek is Good Grief” is designed for the new, but serious Greek student.  Introductory Greek grammar and syntax features a graded database, practice sentences, and drills.  Each new grammatical concept is introduced by a discussion of English grammar, and each chapter begins with a “Grammar Grabber” that highlights an aspect of the chapter’s content by explaining how that aspect of grammar is important for understanding a portion of the Greek text of the New Testament.  Field tested in both face-to-face and distance learning course formats, “Greek is Good Grief”lays the foundation for a smooth transition to the study of Greek exegesis and exposition.

Meanwhile, Larkin’s companion book, “Greek is Great Gain” provides guidance for Greek reading proficiency, preparation of sermons or lessons, and professional development through in-depth study of the Scriptures.  In all, “Greek is Great Gain” seeks to be a practical manual.  Employing Philippians as its primary biblical database, it presents the steps of a comprehensive exegetical method supported with explanation, resources, and example. 

Tim Sebens, the academic program manager at Logos, says the books by Harvey and Larkin raced through the pre-publication process at Logos at "amazing speed" because of a large demand for the books from Logos customers.

"CIU has been blessed to have these two professors," Sebens said.  "I am very excited to have 'Greek is Great Gain' and 'Greek is Good Grief' brought into the Logos family of books." 

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A number of other publications authored by CIU professors, alumni and associates are also featured at Logos: