"Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!" Email from Dr. Smith

"Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!" Email from Dr. Smith


This Saturday at Graduation, I will finish another year of official duties as President. I will then spend the summer traveling to see missionaries and prepare for another year as God allows.

To each of you associated with Columbia International University, you are the best ever. I will never forget you. What has been accomplished is far beyond anything we see on our campuses - only eternity will reveal. This I do know - GOD helped us this year. I watched as miracle after miracle happened, and at times in the middle of the miracles I didn’t even see it happening! But now I reflect and see. Oh how I thank God!

I have watched lives truly be changed and I have had many conversations, many cards and letters of how God is using our alums. I am overwhelmed at your love of Debbie and me. I have told her often that we are living the best years with some of the best people in the world. This year there were a few hard places - but even then, we never lost focus of why we came - to lift up and educate young men and women and train them to take Christ to the nations. I can truly say that every person that we hire is viewed in how they can prepare students for Christ’s kingdom. Every building being built is to train and serve students for eternity, and all of you bought in to the vision. Thank you. A leader is not a leader without followers and you all are the best. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!

So this year, I will tell you again, as students, staff, and faculty, I love you and pray for you as you are the best. I can’t wait to talk with you in heaven about the lives you impacted. I can’t wait for heaven because I can only imagine sitting there in awe as I get to watch all of you receive your rewards for the awesome Christian service and the love you give to so many. I will never forget you following the vision God is giving to us. So love one another, serve faithfully, do it with excellence and know you have a huge friend and cheerleader in President Smith. This is my prayer for you.

Love you!