Master of Organizational Leadership



30 credit hours

Program Length

as few as 15 months


Regionally Accredited by SACSCOC

Learn to Lead with Excellence — Earn Your MOL in Just 15 Months! 

Are you a working professional seeking to enhance your leadership skills and make a lasting impact in organizations? Columbia International University’s Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) program is designed specifically for you. With the flexibility of a fully online, asynchronous format, this degree program allows you to pursue your educational goals while balancing your professional and personal responsibilities. 

Throughout the Master of Organizational Leadership program, you will acquire the knowledge, tools and strategies needed to assume dynamic leadership roles in diverse organizations, both in the United States and around the world. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to equip you with the necessary skills to lead with excellence, enabling you to make a difference and further the Kingdom of God through your leadership. 

At CIU, we believe that effective leadership is crucial for the success and growth of any organization. Our Master of Organizational Leadership program focuses on developing leaders who can guide organizations towards the achievement of their vision and mission. Through a comprehensive study of leadership theories, organizational behavior, strategic management and ethical decision-making, you will gain a deep understanding of the principles and practices that drive effective leadership. 

With the Master of Organizational Leadership degree, you will be fully equipped to assume leadership positions within a wide range of organizations, whether they are for-profit or nonprofit. The knowledge and skills you acquire during your studies will enable you to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape, inspire teams, foster innovation and drive organizational growth and success. 

As you progress through the program, you will have the opportunity to engage with experienced faculty who are not only knowledgeable in their fields but also passionate about developing leaders. They will provide guidance, mentorship and personalized support as you explore different leadership models, analyze case studies and engage in discussions with fellow students who bring diverse perspectives from their own professional experiences. 

Moreover, the MOL program emphasizes the integration of values and principles into leadership practices. We believe that effective leadership goes beyond achieving organizational goals; it involves leading with integrity, humility and a servant-hearted approach. You will have the opportunity to explore the intersection of faith and leadership, applying ethical principles to real-world challenges and ethical decision-making. 

Whether you aspire to advance in your current organization, transition to a new industry, or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, the MOL program at CIU will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as a dynamic and influential leader. By equipping yourself with this advanced degree, you will open doors to exciting career opportunities and have the potential to make a positive and lasting impact in the organizations you serve. 

Join us at Columbia International University and embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth in the Master of Organizational Leadership program. Take the next step towards becoming an exceptional leader who leads with excellence, integrity and a heart for making a difference in the world. 

Why Choose Columbia International University

In the Master of Organizational Leadership program at Columbia International University, we prioritize your engagement, practical learning and global connections. As a student, you will benefit from highly interactive and dynamic online classes, where you will collaborate with fellow students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This vibrant learning environment will allow you to gain insights from different perspectives and expand your global network, enriching your learning experience. 

To support your academic journey, we provide tutoring services. Our dedicated tutors are available to assist you with any challenges you may encounter, ensuring that you have the resources and support needed to succeed in your coursework. 

We understand the importance of flexibility in balancing your professional commitments with your educational aspirations. That's why our program offers a flexible schedule that allows you to continue working while pursuing your Master of Organizational Leadership degree. You have the freedom to customize your study plan, fitting your coursework and assignments into your existing work schedule, empowering you to seamlessly integrate your studies into your daily life. 

CIU’s professors genuinely care about your success. They are passionate about teaching and mentoring, and they will go above and beyond to support you throughout your journey. With their wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership, they will guide you, provide valuable insights and help you develop the skills necessary to excel as a leader in your organization and beyond. 

In addition to the practical skills and knowledge you will gain, the MOL program at CIU integrates ethical principles into the courses. We believe that effective leadership encompasses not only professional competence but also ethical conduct and a values-driven approach. Throughout your studies, you will explore how values-driven principles can be applied to leadership practices, fostering a holistic understanding of leadership that goes beyond organizational goals to encompass integrity, servant leadership and a commitment to making a positive impact on society. 

Come to Columbia International University and embark on a transformative journey in the Master of Organizational Leadership program. Immerse yourself in engaging online classes with a diverse community of learners, benefit from free online tutoring, and enjoy the flexibility to balance work and studies. Experience the support and mentorship of dedicated professors, who are committed to your success and growth. Discover how you can enhance your leadership effectiveness, enabling you to lead with integrity and purpose. Take the next step towards becoming a confident, influential and values-driven leader who can make a lasting impact in the organizational landscape. 

Overall Benefits of this Degree

CIU’s Master of Organizational Leadership will equip you to: 

Analyze and apply principles of organizational leadership, personal leadership and leadership models that enable you to understand and lead individuals and teams in business and organizations around the world 

Evaluate and implement high-quality organizational leadership best practices in the areas of: 

  • strategic planning 
  • team building 
  • change management 
  • finance  
  • human resources 

Address issues of organizational systems with effective organizational leadership that allows you to develop solutions to questions and problems 

Articulate an ethical personal leadership philosophy for a diverse and multicultural 21st century workforce 

Featured Faculty

What Will I Study?

  • LDR 6010 Strategic Planning

    This course introduces the student to the basic concepts and tools of strategic business planning and management. The overall framework within which leaders plan and make decisions is studied. Students explore the notion of strategy and how it relates to competitive advantage and success. Students discover different strategic tools to evaluate environmental threats and opportunities, including using industry competitive forces analysis. The course shows how to identify organization strengths and weaknesses and how to develop competencies. Students study the strategic positioning of an organization in its industry and the necessary factors responsible for strategy execution.

    3.00 credit hours
  • LDR 6011 Conflict Management and Negotiation

    Students will develop skills related to the principles, processes, and techniques of conflict management and negotiation and will be equipped with the innovative negotiation strategies needed to excel at the bargaining table and develop effective conflict resolution strategies. Students will also learn Biblical principles to resolve conflict.

    3.00 credit hours
  • LDR 6014 Human Resources, Ethics and the Law

    This course examines the role of the organization leader as a strategic partner to the Human Resources (HR) and legal function of an organization. Key functions such as recruitment, selection, development, appraisal, retention, compensation, and labor relations are examined. Implications of legal and global environments are appraised and current issues such as diversity training, sexual harassment policies, and rising benefit costs are analyzed. Best practices of employers of choice are considered.

    3.00 credit hours
For a comprehensive list of courses related to this program visit the Academic Catalog.

Admission Requirements

  • Online application
  • Official transcripts for bachelor’s degree and any master’s degree work
  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.0 GPA (those with a GPA under 2.0 may be admitted on a provisional basis)

Accreditation and Accolades

SACSCOC (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)

Career Path Opportunities

With an online Master of Organizational Leadership, you will increase your opportunities for career advancement and a competitive salary. You will also learn to be an effective leader in diverse fields, including business, nonprofits, schools and churches. Career options include professions such as: 

  • CEO 
  • CFO 
  • Pastors 
  • Superintendents 
  • Presidents 
  • Chief Technology Officer 
  • General Manager 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Director of Operations 
  • Sales Manager 
  • Customer Relations Manager 
  • Management Consultant 
Why get the Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) Degree?

CIU’s Master of Organizational Leadership program gives you the knowledge, tools and strategies you need to assume dynamic leadership roles in diverse organizations, both in the United States and around the world.

What is an MOL Degree?

The MOL or the Master of Organizational Leadership is a program designed to train you to become an effective and competent leader in a variety of settings. Building on your professional experience or educational foundation, it will sharpen your knowledge with advanced lessons in best practices for leading organizations. This degree offers practical knowledge you can put to immediate use. No matter your background, if you are interested in learning leadership skills, CIU’s Master of Organizational Leadership can help. This degree assists you in creating and managing small/large businesses, institutions, non-profits, companies and industries effectively.

Can I really earn this degree online?

CIU’s online Master of Organizational Leadership is just as effective as classes offered in person. It does not matter where you are in the country or the world, because classes are offered in an asynchronous format that lets you access them around the clock. CIU’s MOL allows you to continue to working, providing you accessibility anytime from anywhere.

How much does the program cost?

Please check the Tuition and Fees page for the most up-to-date information. There are certain discounts and benefits given for military status and to employees and family members of our partner organizations. Our financial aid counselors will help you determine the best way to finance this important investment in your future career earnings. For more detailed information, check our Financial Aid page and select the option for online students here.


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