Postgraduate Education Specialist

Develop the capacity to think, communicate and model biblical excellence in educational leadership positions. You’ll learn to clearly represent Christ-centered perspectives in the broader society by impacting students, their families, faculty, and staff with competencies specifically defined for Kingdom growth. Classes are offered as intensive courses in the summer and online during the fall and spring semesters.


You will receive postgraduate training as a professional who leads others in addressing educational needs from a biblical perspective.


Our objective is to help you understand, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate:

  • Christian education, including biblical perspectives, foundational theories, research findings, cultural/sociological dynamics, and alternative models for educating diverse learners in contemporary Christian educational institutions.
  • High-quality Christian education leadership, including biblical perspectives, theoretical approaches, research findings, and alternative models of effective leadership and functioning of organizations, groups, and individuals within organizations.
  • Ways to enhance their personal callings and ministry and contribute to the quality of Christian education through leadership, presentation, and publication.


This program will prepare you to serve in various leadership positions within educational institutions in the United States and around the world.

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