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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook



Our desire is that everyone at Columbia International University seeks to live a

Christlike life that exemplifies the fruit of the Spirit. Because Christ first loved us,

we should be motivated to love and serve each other in our community. Whether

articulated or not, every community has certain expectations, rules, or standards.

Our primary expectation is that each member of the CIU community abides by the

clear teachings of Scripture.

CIU has standards we believe are helpful in enabling us to live together in

harmony as a university community, to promote unity within the larger evangelical

community, and to foster growth in various aspects of our lives (physically,

emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually). While particular standards may not

be equally valued by each member of the community, all standards are to be

upheld during our time within this community. There are three different types of

standards, yet all are important:


some standards mirror scriptural commands or express the clear

teaching of Scripture;


some standards represent our attempt to apply clear scriptural principles

within the context of our educational mission and cultural environment;


some standards help us express unity and show mutual respect for one

another in an educational community.

Not all of our standards are straight out of Scripture!

Some are there because we live in community.

Our community standards and lifestyle expectations are on the pages that follow.

It is not our intention that any of these standards be a stumbling block or a

point that seems to diminish the grace that should be present in our educational

community. Feel free to stop by the Student Life Office in the Rossi Student Center,

the Assistant Dean for Student Development Offices in Founders and Memorial

Residence Halls, or speak with a faculty member for a fuller explanation of, or

rationale for, any of CIU’s standards and expectations. The remaining pages

contain the following sections:


Student Rights and Responsibilities: as a student, what you can expect

from CIU and what CIU expects from you


Explanation and Clarification of certain items from section I


Additional Important Information related to standards or university

services that you need to know


Security Information (followed by a signature page)


General University Information: student government and organizations,

office services and hours, etc.


Policies and Appendices: including the Special Administrative Evaluation/

Involuntary Withdrawal Policy, the Student Life Judicial Process,

Disciplinary Measures, Student Privacy Rights, and Student Appeal and

Grievance Policy