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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook



An electronic version of the Student Handbook Acknowledgment is available on


Student Life Handbook page

through .

Students are not required

to fill out both; they may choose to complete the digital acknowledgement or the

paper acknowledgment.


Students are required to read the handbook once during their time at CIU. This

signed page will indicate your reading of the handbook and will remain in effect

throughout your time here at CIU. Changes in subsequent handbooks will be

communicated in summary form at the beginning of each year.

By Aug. 28: All new students who enroll in the fall

By Jan. 16: All new students who enroll spring semester

Please print your name and box number below, indicating you have completed

your reading of the handbook. Farther down the page you will be asked to sign

your name as your commitment to the CIU community to keep the standards

within the handbook.

Please print this page, sign it, and submit it to the Student

Life Office by the above deadline.

(Additional copies are available in the Student

Life Office.)

Name (please print) _ ___________________________________________________

Box _ ___________________________________________________________________

Having read the current handbook, I understand the rights and responsibilities

given to me as a CIU student, both on and off campus. I commit myself to uphold

the standards throughout my time at CIU and to do that which is in the best

interest of the CIU community. I also understand that not signing this signature

page does not release me from accountability to the CIU community. I commit to

help the CIU community honor God first in all we do.

Signature ________________________________________________________________

Date _ ___________________________________________________________________

I am studying at the undergraduate level.

I am studying at the graduate level.

We have tried to communicate life at CIU as clearly as possible through this

handbook. We would appreciate your help in evaluating this handbook. If you have

any comments concerning rationale, standards, or format, please share them with

a member of the Student Life team, your student government representatives, or

submit them with this form.