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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


possible. Further, CIU is committed to supporting victims through the appropriate

provision of safety and support services; providing resources to assist all

members of the CIU community — including students, faculty and staff.

CIU Title IX Coordinator(s):

CIU has appointed a Title IX coordinator and three deputy coordinators to oversee

CIU’s response to Title IX complaints, to develop training and education programs/

materials for students, faculty and staff, as well as to monitor the effectiveness of

CIU’s Title IX compliance efforts.

Reporting of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault and Stalking:

CIU encourages reporting of all incidents of sex discrimination, including

sexual harassment, sexual assault and stalking to both CIU security and to law

enforcement authorities. CIU respects that the victim (complainant) is the one who

must decide whether to report or not to report. Advocates are available to inform

victims of the reporting procedures and offer appropriate referrals. Victims who

choose to pursue the reporting process have the right to assistance or consultation

of an advocate. CIU offers services to victims even if they choose not to report the

incidents. The Student Life Office provides services and information for victims

in a safe, supportive and confidential setting. In some circumstances, a victim

may wish to seek an order of protection from a court of appropriate jurisdiction

against the alleged perpetrator. Victims may also seek restriction of access to the

university by non-students or non-employees in certain circumstances.

In certain instances, CIU may need to report an incident to law enforcement authori-

ties. Such circumstances include any incidents that warrant the undertaking of

additional safety and security measures for the protection of the victim and the

campus community or other situations in which there is clear and imminent danger

and when a weapon may be involved. However, it is crucial in these circumstances

to consult with supervisory staff and/or Student Life personnel, since reporting may

compromise the safety of the victim. Personal safety concerns are often very impor-

tant for victims. Crisis intervention and victim safety concerns will take precedence.

CIU will not tolerate any form of retaliation toward a person reporting a violation.

Complainant’s (Victim’s) Safety and Rights:

CIU community members (students, faculty and staff) have the right to live free of

behaviors that interfere with attaining their educational and/or professional goals.

Community members who report sexual harassment, sexual assault, or stalking

have the right to the following:

Treatment with dignity and respect, without biased attitudes or judgments

Not having past and irrelevant conduct discussed during any resulting


Changes in academic, professional and/or living situations, if possible

and/or necessary

All support services regardless of the choice to file a school or criminal


Submission of a written report of the incident and a victim-impact


Having a person of choice, including legal counsel or an advocate, present

throughout the proceedings

Contact with local law enforcement to pursue a potential criminal


Having one’s identity protected.