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2017-2018 CIU Student Handbook


the investigation concerning that incident. Such a directive is not a sanction

or disciplinary outcome but is designed to maintain civility and avoid potential

escalating tensions.

Notification of Law Enforcement:

The Title IX coordinator or designee shall determine whether local law

enforcement or other authorities should be notified. (The Title IX coordinator will

notify of the right to contact local law enforcement at the initial stages of the

report/complaint.) CIU will continue to provide ongoing support for a complainant

when law enforcement is notified.

Interim Sanctions:

The Title IX coordinator, in consultation with appropriate administrative leadership

may impose interim sanctions (up to and including suspension) prior to the

beginning of the disciplinary process. The interim sanction/suspension may be

imposed in cases where the alleged action of the accused may pose a threat

to the well-being of the CIU community or to the accused himself/herself. Such

sanctions are appropriate and should be promptly imposed where needed to

protect any member of the CIU community, including anyone connected with

the matter, or to prevent recurrence or retaliation pending completion of the

investigation. Following the imposition of an interim sanction, the opportunity for a

hearing will be provided as expeditiously as possible.

Standard of Proof:

The standard for determining the culpability of the accused for a Title IX policy

violation will be a preponderance of the evidence. This means the determination

shall be made based on whether it is more likely than not that the accused violated

an aspect of the CIU Title IX policy.

Disciplinary Process:

Disciplinary sanctions for violations of this policy and/or of the student code of

conduct will be imposed in accordance with applicable Student Life policies.

As applicable, accused parties should refer to CIU’s Student Handbook for

more information on their rights, resolution of disciplinary charges, disciplinary

procedures and responsibilities (Section I).

The accused individual may accept responsibility for violating the Title IX policy

and receive administratively-imposed disciplinary sanctions without a formal

hearing. The accused and the complainant will be informed of the sanctions.

Appeal Process:

An appeal may be filed by either the complainant or the accused in accordance

with the appeal process stated in this handbook. The appeal must be received

within five business days of the conclusion of the investigation (the date sanctions

are imposed).

The appeal is not a rehearing of the entire investigative process but is an

opportunity for the report to be reviewed to validate the conclusion reached by the

hearing board.

Campus SaVE Act Policy:

The Campus SaVE (Campus Sexual Violence Elimination) Act is an amendment

to the guidelines of the Clery Act. Title IX is a federal law prohibiting sexual