Tuition Discount Partners

CIU partners with like-minded organizations to share in the privilege of providing top-notch biblical education for our on-campus and online degree programs. We are proud to offer employees, spouses, or their dependents a partnership discount with one of the following constituents.


Church members as indicated by written statement by pastor or church leader.


Gap Year/Schools

Graduates and full-time employees of partnering institution.


Businesses/Mission Organizations

Full-time employees, spouse, and dependents of employee.

Discount for New Students

  • $250 per semester if enrolled part-time, less than 12 semester credit hours for undergraduate students or less than 9 semester hours for graduate students.
  • $500 per semester if enrolled full-time, 12 semester credit hours or more for undergraduate students or 9 semester credit hours or more for graduate students.

Disclaimers: Only one partnership discount may be awarded to a student in the scenario they have more than one partner affliliation such as a church member and mission affiliation. The partnership discount does not apply to doctoral level students, and undergraduate students cannot receive both the Partnership Discount and the Christian Worker Grant.


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Tuition Discount Partner, complete the partner form below:

Partner Request Form