Bachelor of Arts in Music

Why study Music at CIU?

Fulfill your passion to glorify God through music with a program that prepares you for a career in church music, intercultural music (missions), or contemporary Christian music ministry. You will gain a working knowledge of music theory as you read, write, and analyze music of various styles. Plus, gifted professors will challenge you to attain a high level of proficiency in voice or on a musical instrument.

You will also learn to appreciate and evaluate a variety of musical styles, while formulating a personal philosophy of music based on the application of biblical principles. Opportunities to use your talent are made available through solo and ensemble performances and chapel services.   


  • A working knowledge of music theory.
  • Fluency on his or her major instrument.
  • An understanding of the place of music in the life of the church and the development of the disciple.
  • Appropriate skills for leading worship in the local church.
  • The ability to understand, appreciate, and evaluate a variety of musical styles and forms (including those of other cultures and subcultures) through classroom study, field experience, solo and ensemble performance, and chapel services.
  • A formulation of a personal philosophy of music formed through a biblical worldview and applied to a broad variety of musical styles and ideas. This includes developing an awareness of historical and contemporary philosophies of music and the ability to evaluate one’s own musical preferences

Completion Requirements

  • A minimum 60 total semester hours of credit.
  • A minimum 12 semester hours of Bible/theology.
  • A minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA at the time of graduation.
  • Complete 80 clock hours of Christian Service Learning.
  • Residence requirement: Complete a minimum of 15 semester hours of coursework through CIU.
  • Satisfactory evidence of sound Christian character and doctrinal views. A student will not be accepted as a candidate for a degree who denies any of the doctrines as stated in the Doctrinal Standard, who affirms error in Scripture, or who believes in the ultimate salvation of all people. (Exception: A candidate does not have to affirm the premillennial position expressed in section 8 of the Doctrinal Standard.)
  • Read the Bible in its entirety at least once during time at CIU. This reading may be done in conjunction with class assignments. Bible reading completed in conjunction with courses transferred in from another school is accepted.

Career and Ministry Opportunities for Music Graduates

After graduation, you will be prepared for a career in three main areas of music ministry:

  • Church Music Ministry: A thorough training in church music combined with CIU’s biblical emphasis prepares you to lead a local church in worship as a minister of music.
  • Contemporary Music Ministry: If your passion is to become a contemporary music artist, private lessons in keyboard and voice assist you honing your skills. Plus, you will be exposed to the latest in music technology.
  • Music in Missions: Imagine helping people of another culture to praise God in their own language and in their own heart music. You will be trained to understand music in a different cultural setting than your own, as you use your gifts wherever God leads you.
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