Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Theology (5-Year B.A./M.Div.)

Why pursue the 5-Year B.A./M.Div Program at CIU?

This unique program allows you to complete two degrees in five years: a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Theology and a Master of Divinity in the concentration of your choice. You can maximize your time and minimize the cost of your theological education without sacrificing the quality of your experience.

A faculty mentor will guide you through the process and a cohort of fellow students will encourage you along the way. The program combines rigorous academic study with practical ministry experience to prepare you for a lifetime of effective service to the local church.

How does it work?

  • You earn an accredited B.A. by completing 120 hours
    • 15 hours of M.Div. courses are taken as Electives
  • You earn an accredited M.Div. by completing 78 hours
    • 15 hours of M.Div. courses are earned as an Undergrad
    • 18 hours are earned through Proficiency Exams
    • 45 hours are taken during years 4 and 5   

Your Next Step

Review our course requirements and begin the application process.


CIU 5-Year B.A./M.Div. Program Key Milestones

  • Year 1: You will begin meeting with the Faculty Mentor and Cohort Community on a regular basis.
  • Year 2: You will complete your B.A. Core classes.
  • Year 3: You will take B.A. Major classes and apply for the M.Div. stage. In the spring, you will take a Bible & Theology Senior Seminar designed specifically for students in the 5-year B.A./M.Div. Program. After Year 3, you will take six Proficiency Exams.
  • Year 4: You will begin taking M.Div. classes. After Year 4, you will graduate with a B.A. in Advanced Biblical and Theological Studies.
  • Year 5: In the summer before Year 5, you will serve in an intensive Summer Internship. After Year 5, you will graduate with an M.Div. in Bible Exposition.

Faculty Mentor

Your faculty mentor for the 5-Year B.A./M.Div. is Markus Klausli.



Career and Ministry Opportunities for Pastoral Theology (5-Year BA/MDiv) Graduates

The program is designed for academically-gifted students with a clear sense of calling to vocational ministry. You will be equipped with a theological foundation for understanding the Scriptures and the practical skills needed for effective ministry in the church.

On Campus