Intercultural Studies


Why major in Intercultural Studies at CIU?

Because wherever in the world God is leading you, the Intercultural Studies (ICS) program at Columbia International University can take you there. You will be prepared to effectively serve in international and cross-cultural ministry, marketplace, or mission opportunities. Plus, the ICS professors know what they are talking about – not just from a text book – but from personal experience. They have served in a variety of capacities all over the globe; from international business development to spreading the gospel in Muslim nations. They will help you develop the skills of interpreting culture and how to relate to people cross-culturally, as you study the strategies necessary to flourish in cross-cultural settings. 

Your Future  

The career possibilities that come with a degree in Intercultural Studies include:

  • Government: diplomatic positions in U.S. embassies overseas

  • Military: chaplaincy

  • Church: mission pastors; ethnic outreach coordinators

  • Missions: short-term to long-term missions in any cross-cultural setting anywhere in the world; mission agency office support; mission mobilizer; Bible teacher, church planter, discipler, evangelist; Bible translator; linguist

  • Business: entry-level positions in non-governmental organizations or transnational corporations; tentmakers/business as mission or other creative-access platform overseas; marketing specialist

  • Education: international Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) instructor; K-12 TEFL teacher; cross-cultural sensitivity consultant in educational environments

  • International Community Development: entry-level positions in community development organizations

Your Next Step

Review our course requirements and begin the application process.


Featured Faculty: 
David Cashin, professor of Intercultural Studies at CIU David G. Cashin
Professor of Intercultural Studies

B.A., Gordon College; M.A., Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh; M.A., Ph.D., Stockholm University, Sweden

Trevor Castor Trevor Castor
Managing Director of the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies

B.A., Columbia International University; M.A., Columbia International University; PhD Candidate, Melbourne School of Theology

Photo of Victor Cuartas Victor Cuartas
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

D.Min. Regent University; Ph.D. Columbia International University

Joe LeTexier, TEFL Coordinator Joe LeTexier
TEFL Coordinator

B.A., Crown College; M.A., M.Div. Columbia International University

Ed Smither, Dean of the College of Intercultural Studies at CIU Ed Smither
Dean, College of Intercultural Studies

B.A., North Carolina State University; M.A., M.Div.,Liberty University; Ph.D., University of Wales-Trinity Saint David; Ph.D., University of Pretoria