Bachelor of Science in Middle Eastern Studies

Why major in Middle Eastern Studies at CIU?

Because in the Middle Eastern Studies program you can walk where Jesus walked! Not only will you develop cross-cultural communication and ministry skills, you will gain personal experience in Middle Eastern life and culture as you study for one year in Israel at Jerusalem University College (JUC). While in Israel, you will study and explore in Christian, Jewish, and/or Arab contexts to develop your ministry skills according to your vocational goals. This will help you understand the beliefs and practices of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as acquire a firsthand knowledge of the geography of Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

Your Future

The career possibilities that come with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies include:

  • Cross-cultural ministry: Minister among and to the people of the Middle East or another part of the world through various ministry agencies.
  • Marketplace ministry: Combine your Middle Eastern Studies major with another professional skill to secure employment in the Middle East.
  • Graduate education: Your Middle Eastern Studies major provides a solid foundation for graduate study in a related field. You can complete the Master of Arts (Muslim Studies) program at CIU Seminary & School of Ministry in only one year!

Your Next Step

Review our course requirements and begin the application process.


Degree Program Faculty

Bryan Beyer, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Bryan E. Beyer

Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

B.A., Colorado State University; M.Div., Denver Seminary; Ph.D., Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion


John Crutchfied, Middle Eastern Studies Program Director

John Crutchfield

Middle Eastern Studies Program Director, Professor of Bible

Certificate form Torchbearer Schools, Capernwray Hall, England and Tauernhof, Austria; B.A., Columbia Bible College; M.A., Columbia Biblical Seminary and Graduate School of Missions; M.Div., Trinit


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