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This sub-culture isn’t being reached by

the church. Just so you know, I’m not

particularly tempted to resort to comedy

material that would strip the stain off a nun’s

desk. But these folk need the Lord, and His

forgiveness, and His cleansing!

I’m not planning on retiring from teaching,

but there may be opportunities for me to

do clean comedy for Christian audiences,

senior citizens’ cruises to Alaska, perhaps

even a performance for organizations like


There’s a lot of funny in our world. Let’s not

leave it to the gross, the perverse, and the

lost. We were once there (Titus 3:3- “foolish,

disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all

kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived

in malice and envy, being hated and hating

one another.”) — but now we have a lot to

laugh about!

If you’re interested in seeing the set I

performed, you may find it on the March 1

entry at my blog:


“This sub-culture

isn’t being

reached by the


–Larry Dixon, Ph.D.

Tirrell Howell says he “had fun” but was “exhausted” after the taping of

an episode of “Family Feud” that was recorded last summer and aired

in February. Howell, who serves as corporate coordinator of Information

Technology Services at CIU, was asked by his Aunt Angela Wigfall to audition

with other family members for the show.

“She told me I pretty much didn’t have a choice,” Howell said with a laugh a

few days after the show aired.

Howell says that playing “Family Feud” is a family tradition at Thanksgiving

and Christmas get-togethers in the small town of Cross (population 3,974)

in South Carolina’s Lowcountry where he has his roots. But even though the

family has had plenty of practice, in the end they came just short of winning a


“I think we had clean fun in our particular recording, and we were kind of

disappointed that we didn’t win,” Howell said. “But in reflection, we can

say, ‘We actually did this thing; we actually did this as a family’ and that’s an

experience that we will take with us the rest of our lives. But for me, I just went

on the show because my aunt asked me to.”

CIU Staff Member

on “Family Feud”

Larry Dixon (right) with his son Brian Dixon,

a 2001 graduate of CIU, who convinced dad

to take a stand-up comedy class.



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