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College of Education

College of Education

The College of Education equips educators to think, teach, and lead biblically in educational settings throughout the world. To fulfill the mission of the College of Education, courses are based upon a philosophy of education that approaches both the means and the ends of education by thinking biblically about the nature of students, instructional strategies, and curricular content (knowledge, skills, and dispositions). Preparation includes training that equips students to think in culturally responsive ways within classrooms that are increasingly diverse. Students study during the fall, spring, and summer semesters to become or to enhance their positions as teachers, school principals and headmasters, instructional supervisors, and administrators in higher education. The College of Education strives to equip students to be discerning and wise educators whose lives exemplify the thinking and dispositions of Christian educators as they create effective learning communities.

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State Approved Teacher Education Programs

  • BA, Music Education
  • BS, Teacher Education (Elementary and Early Childhood Education)
  • BS/MAT, Teacher Education (Elementary and Early Childhood Education)
  • MAT, Teacher Education (Elementary and Early Childhood Education)

Annual Reporting Measures


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