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Holy Bible

Educate From a Biblical Worldview

We educate from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the message of Christ. That’s our mission at CIU. The students who come here are inspired by the same message, and they grow in maturity in Christ. That they all have in common. Where they differ is the paths they take.

Some leave with undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees that position them as ideal hires for Christian and secular careers. Others leave as ministers, fully prepared for the administrative and spiritual challenges of leading the modern church.

Teachers, communications specialists, business professionals and formally trained evangelists leave CIU, too, ready to make their mark on the world, often in places where Christians are in the minority, if present at all.

CIU produces professional ministers such as pastors, chaplains and youth ministers. We also prepare ministering professionals who glorify God in the marketplace.

Education at CIU is grounded in our historic roots and these particular core values:

  • The Authority of Scripture
  • Victorious Christian Living
  • World Evangelization
  • Prayer & Faith
  • Evangelical Unity

When you visit CIU, you’ll meet students, faculty and administrators passionate about community and scholarship, and filled with purpose. The students who enroll at CIU discover their purpose, as well. 

Are you ready to transform your life?