March 04, 2020
Puppy Playdate

11AM - 3PM

Take a break from rigorous studies and come play with cute little puppies.

March 04, 2020
Adventure Party

11am - 12pm

The Adventure Club will be throwing a party on the quad on March 4th at 11:00 am. There will be snacks, games, music, and we'll be selling our new T-Shirts. Come join us to take a break from the midterm week!

March 04, 2020
Student Mission Connection Midterm Break- Walking Tacos

During Midterms, we are wanting to have late-night snacks, and who doesn't love tacos? We'll have tacos for those who are studying late for their midterms set up so they can refuel themselves to keep studying. 8:30-9:30pm

March 04, 2020
Mental Health Awareness Week: A Discussion on Lament

7PM - 8:30PM

Dr Farra and Dr. Crutchfield will be part of a discussion about the Psychological aspects of Lament and how it's God's given way to process Trauma.

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