About Academics

Everyone who leaves CIU with an undergraduate degree majored in Bible. They also chose from 19 other majors that prepared them for a professional life in the ministry or the marketplace.

Top Programs

Our top five undergraduate programs are Psychology, Teacher Education, Intercultural Studies, Business & Organizational Leadership, and Youth Ministry, Family, & Culture.

That’s top five in numbers of students. Every major, every class, every day spent at CIU helps prepare you for a life lived from a biblical worldview, making an impact wherever you are and whatever you do. The same goes for our graduate and seminary programs, many of which are available 100% online.


Athletic and fitness opportunities are available to you at CIU as well as extracurricular activities and student organizations from the formal to the casual. That includes fun trips (we’re close to the mountains and the beach) and the chance to study abroad.

Everything at CIU comes together to nurture students’ spiritual life and empower student life.