Don't Forget to Remember

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I am amazed at how frequently I come across the word “remember” in the Bible.  Throughout Deuteronomy, which is where I’ve been reading recently, the Israelites are repeatedly exhorted to remember (or, conversely, to not forget) what God had done for them – the deliverance and provision which they had experienced.

Similarly, Peter warns his readers to be on the lookout for God to work in their lives through their knowledge of Jesus, lest they become “nearsighted and blind,” forgetting how God had cleansed them from sin (2 Peter 1:9).

Peter’s strong language indicates that a sort of spiritual blindness can develop over time if we forget God’s work in our lives.  Wandering too far from the cross, we so distance the miracle of salvation from our minds that we can no longer see straight.

When we forget to remember what God has done – how He has delivered us from sin and death – we become disillusioned and our entire perspective is skewed.

Let’s constantly rehearse the finished work of Christ so that we aren’t blinded to the reason we needed His grace in the first place.  Let’s not forget to remember.

Written by Abbey Le Roy, MA in Theological Studies from CIU's Seminary and School of Ministry

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