History in the Making

When I began my college career four years ago, I remember getting a CIU t-shirt and wearing it with pride…but not the same kind of pride as, let’s say, a Duke shirt.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love CIU – always have.  I’m excited about being a student here, and I enjoy telling people about our school.

But there’s something about sports – something about having a team to root for – that takes school spirit to another level.  Athletic competitions bring us together as we cheer together for the same thing, experiencing the thrill of victory and the disappointment of defeat as a community.

That’s why I’m excited about this Saturday, when our soccer team will take the field in the first intercollegiate athletic event in CIU’s history.  The Rams will play Toccoa Falls at 7 p.m., and fans are encouraged to wear gold as we attempt to fill the stands for a gold out.

Regardless of how the game ends, there’s one thing I know for sure – when we put on our Rams t-shirts this Saturday, the sense of school pride might just give Duke’s Cameron Crazies a run for their money. 

-Abbey Le Roy

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