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Grammy Award winner Laura Story will be a part of “The Glorious Unfolding” concert with Steven Curtis Chapman and Jason Gray on Nov. 1 at Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia. Laura is originally from Spartanburg, S.C. and is a 2003 graduate of Columbia International University. She and her husband Martin Elvington became parents to Josie just over a year ago. Here are some of Laura’s thoughts on motherhood, marriage and music.  

WMHK: What does it feel like to be a mom?

Laura:  Absolutely loving it. It’s amazing that God allows us to take part in mimicking him as parents, even though there's no way we could possibly love as selflessly as He does. But that's where we see His grace each day. Parenting definitely keeps you on your knees.

WMHK: How do you juggle going on concert tours, recording and being a mom?

Laura: I know it sounds crazy, but they all usually fit together pretty well. I love touring with Josie far more than I ever did without her. I was a little scared at first but now I can't imagine doing it without her. It’s a beautiful thing to be on mission as a family for the cause of Christ. 

WMHK: Many people remember that your song “Blessings” was written following the trials that came with your husband’s health problems related to a brain tumor. How is Martin’s health these days?

Laura: Martin is doing well. In some ways, he's getting better each day, even though we haven't seen much change in his health in a few years. Martin continues to learn new ways to cope with his disability and is finding healing in the promises of God. We pray daily for complete healing but we are learning that God's plan is different than we may have expected – and we're learning to trust Him in the midst of it.

WMHK: Are you able to tell us what songs you’ll be performing at “The Glorious Unfolding” concert in Columbia? / Anything from your new album “The God of Every Story?”

Laura: I'm sure I'll play "Blessings," my new single "I Can Just Be Me," maybe "Indescribable." I am more excited about this album than I've ever been about any other collection of songs so it will be hard to pick just one or two to sing!

WMHK: How does it feel to be asked to tour with Steven Curtis Chapman?

Laura: Steven is someone I've gotten to know over the past few years, and I can tell you this: He is the real deal. More than just a Christian music veteran and a brilliant songwriter, he is a man after God's heart, a loving father and husband and a humble soul. Not sure how I landed this one but I count it a privilege to share the stage with him this fall.

WMHK: You’ll be coming back to your alma mater, Columbia International University for your 10-year class reunion. What is your fondest memory of CIU?

Laura: Wow.  There are truly more fond memories than I can put into words. Probably the most memorable was when Steve Saint (son of Christian martyr Nate Saint) spoke in our chapel service. I remember thinking that everything we were learning, all the tests and papers, were meaningless unless we reached the point of giving our entire lives for the sake of Christ. And even though my adventures have looked different than so many of my classmates on the mission field, I pray that God will find me faithful, as one who lived to advance the kingdom of God.

WMHK: What does the Elvington family do together to relax?

Laura: It’s been so long, I can hardly remember! No, really, we love hiking, traveling, sitting on our back porch with a hot cup of coffee. Nothing extravagant or expensive. Just being together and enjoying how greatly God has blessed us.

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