Open Doors

Oh my gosh, so I played a show this past Friday night in Statesville, NC at the Upper Room. There was a youth group there for a lock-in, and after I was done with my first set, the youth pastor came up and asked me if I would lead worship for their retreat next weekend.

At first, I said no because I already had plans but after I walked away I found myself wanting to do it more and more, definitely God pushing me to do so.

So, I decided to give up my plans for this upcoming weekend which was REALLY hard because I was going to see some friends from camp I worked at this summer, but I had been talking about on the drive up how I would love to be a worship leader, maybe not as a career but as a side thing though.


AND the retreat is at one of my favorite places EVER, Bonclarken in Flat Rock, NC!

It’s also insane because I was going to cancel this show because I didn’t think there was going to be a big turn out, so I’m definitely glad I went.

I wasn’t expecting this at all……I’m so so so happy and excited to be leading worship, I am still in awe and wonder how it all happened.

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