Someone, please stop the fighting!

So, as I was listening to “How He Loves” by David Crowder Band on the radio today, I started talking to my mom about it and told her how absolutely RIDICULOUS it is how people get mad and FIGHT about which is better - “unforeseen kiss” or “sloppy, wet kiss”.

Personally, I prefer unforeseen because sloppy and wet reminds me of a dog slobbering all over me and I hate that, haha.  But I’ve seen and heard people complain about one term or the other and even fight over it, mainly Christians.

To me, this is so stupid and ridiculous. Doesn’t Christ call us to be unified? Just because YOU like something doesn’t mean other people have to. Another petty argument is Calvinism and Arminianism. Now, I do think it’s important to know why you believe what you believe, but getting in fights about it and having hour long debates seems ridiculous to me. It seems like sometimes all we do at CIU is just sit around and talk about stuff that doesn’t matter.

Do you think God’s going to care if you’re a Calvinist or Arminian? Nowhere in my Bible does it say I have to be either of these to enter His kingdom, I have to believe and confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord, and I will be saved.(Romans 10)

I don’t know why exactly I’m posting this, I guess to just bring to attention stuff that needs to change. Is sitting around all day talking about this kind of stuff going to bring people to the Lord? Probably not because arguing is NOT appealing to anybody, it drives people away. God has called us to GO, not to sit still. I’m talking to myself too because I’ve gotten caught up in this stuff before, but enough is enough.

“Church, arise and sing. Shake yourself from the dust, God is calling us to GO!”-Leeland, The Great Awakening

Come on church…..let’s stop wasting our time arguing and go DO something like God has called us to do, what a difference we can make if we go out into this world to love and reach people!

In Christ,

Damaris Bruce

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