Spotlight on Communication

What jobs can you get with a Communication degree (or how can you use this degree)?

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Customer Service Representatives

  • Media & Communication Specialists

  • Radio broadcasting

  • Broadcasting

  • Media Writing & Editing

  • Photography

  • Public Relations

  • Sound Engineers

  • News Writers

  • Researcher

  • Supervisor, Coordinator, Director, or Project Manager

  What makes this program different at CIU?

  • A major in Communication coupled with a Bible major can provide the knowledge and skills necessary to minister in a rapidly changing world. One of the most exciting aspects of the Communication program includes the opportunity to gain practical experience. These real-world experiences are accomplished via internships in the junior and senior year. Here the student learns to communicate more effectively and to facilitate the communication of others by being involved in a variety of activities.

  • Students have room in the curriculum not only to major in Communication but also to take an additional minor in either Radio Broadcasting or Video Production. Students also may take advantage of our cooperative agreement with Midlands Technical College to earn a certificate in Information Systems Networking along with their major in Communication.

  What skills are valuable for someone in this field?

  • The desire to minister in a rapidly changing world

  • A love of today's communication fields from writing for the mass media to photography, from history of media to video production, from leadership in communication to design principles of electronic communication

  How will this degree/program help you personally?

  • Our experienced faculty members are committed to the cause of Christ and devoted to a servant attitude.  They want to be involved in the lives of students to help them achieve all that God has for them after graduation.

  • The development of skills that will enable them to utilize appropriately and creatively the latest technology for the communication of the gospel

  • Students will be adequately prepared to enter into any area of communication upon graduation.