The Student Union: Fighting Against Awkwardness

There’s nothing worse than feeling awkward around a bunch of people. You want to torture me using a flock of seagulls? Do your worst! Take all my food and water for a week! I’ll survive. Sing annoying songs to me every day to me for the rest of my life. Just don’t let me feel awkward around people. That’s why I’m glad that CIU’s Student Union fights against awkwardness.

The Student Union helps provide social and outreach opportunities for CIU students. They’ve fought awkwardness in the past through events like the “Gladiator Paint Wars.” The last two years the Gladiator Paint Wars were waged between CIU citizens at the end of April. The CIU soccer field was the battleground for the mayhem and carnage. The wars involved four teams playing capture the flag with paint covered wet noodles and sponge balls. Catastrophic damage resulted from the war. Paint transformed people’s clothing, filled eardrums, and forced hour long showers as people pulled paint out of their hair. It was awesome! Recently, the Student Union led an annual CIU event called “Acoustarockarappalooza.” This strange word roughly translated from CIUese means: CIU students doing a concert/talent show event where they display their acoustic, rock, rap, and random talents for others’ enjoyment.

The Student Union doesn’t lead big events like this all the time, but throughout the semester they creatively connect CIU students with other students and the community. I wanted to tell you more about the Student Union, but it’s clouded in mystery like the other super secret clubs of CIU: I’m just grateful that the Student Union is fighting awkwardness by helping CIU students build friendships as they connect with each other. Because there’s nothing worse than feeling awkward around a bunch of people. 

-Aaron Sobey

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