Amy DuBois

Amy DuBois

Amy DuBois, Professor of Business
Professor of Business & Organizational Leadership

B.A. Southern Methodist University; MBA Baylor University; DBA Student at Grand Canyon University 

Amy was born and raised in Mesquite, Texas. God led her to South Carolina in 2003. She met her husband David here, and they were married in 2006. They have two awesome sons: Gavin and Elijah. When not at CIU, Amy loves being with her family and considers marriage one of God's best gifts.

Amy came to CIU in the spring of 2013 as an adjunct faculty member in finance. In January 2014 she joined CIU as a full-time faculty member in the Business and Organizational Leadership program. After earning her MBA from Baylor University in 2002 and working a short time in the magazine industry, God called her to South Carolina to serve in student ministry. She has often been asked why she studied business but ended up working in ministry and has always enjoyed telling people it was God’s plan. The skills she learned while studying business have proven very valuable in her role as a student pastor. In fact, that is precisely why Amy finds the study of business and organizational leadership so relevant. Its principles can be applied to many diverse fields ranging from business to ministry, and even families. Amy’s desire is to help students understand foundational business principles and how useful they can be regardless of where God leads them. From Fortune 500 companies to remote mission fields, the skills acquired in CIU’s Business and Organizational Leadership Program will help you accomplish whatever you are led to do!

B.A. Southern Methodist University; MBA Baylor University; DBA student at Grand Canyon University; 2003-2008 Director of Student Ministries, Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church, Lexington, SC; 2008-2013 Middle School Student Pastor, The Harvest, Lexington, SC