Who Can Advertise at CIU?

Churches, Christian organizations, businesses, industries, schools, and private residences, local to world-wide, are encouraged to post full- and part-time job openings with Career Services.

If you need assistance or have any problems with posting or removing positions, contact Career Services careerservices@ciu.edu.

How to Post a Job

  • To post a job to our online job folders, please send Career Services careerservices@ciu.edu your job description position to post.  To see what is currently posted you can go to  CIU JobBoard.  Note that internship opportunities may be posted to the JobBoard as well.
  • When your position is filled, please contact Career Services immediately to expire the position.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Career Services.

Contact Career Services

Phone:   (803) 807-5076

Email:  Careerservices@ciu.edu

WebsiteMyCIU, under Career Services

Location:  Rossi Student Center

Please Note: Career Services reserves the right to edit advertisements or to refuse publication. As a service offered to the public, we cannot be held responsible for any responses you receive.