CIU Celebrates Black History Week with Dynamic Speaker

February 02, 2018

By Naomi Balk

CIU Student Writer

Church planter Darryl Gaddy, who describes himself as a pastor from the “hood of Detroit,” spoke to the CIU student body during Black History Week. He delivered a dynamic and challenging message series focused on empowering leaders to embrace their call based on Acts 3:3-10.

Gaddy pastors Victory Fellowship Community Church, and is one of the Southern Baptist Convention’s most passionate inner-city church planters.  

Gaddy invited students to recognize this: “You are called and commissioned to impact others and be a catalyst for change through bringing the gospel.” He expounded on what it means to be an agent for change, be a catalyst for change, and be willing to be a person of impact so that the gospel can go forward to the least, last, and lost.

“Obedience is not convenient, but God calls and commissions us. Our job is to tell folks about this man named Jesus,” Gaddy added.

This was no ordinary week of Chapel. It featured vibrant music from the Columbia praise and worship band National Juniors, CIU alumna Dionne Hough, and members of CIU’s African American Student Association (AASA), who organized the week.    

“The worship had more flavor,” said freshman Ashlee Smith. Junior Sarah Lovelady described Chapel as “filled with energy and the experience of the Holy Spirit being there. There was a tone of celebration as a different form of worship.”

And that makes AASA President Jerry Chambers very glad to hear. “It’s a time we can embrace the African-American cultural way of worship,” Chambers said. “It’s a different flavor.”

Chambers, a CIU graduate student who also serves as an associate pastor, appreciated the messages from Pastor Gaddy. “He talked about what we need to do to make a change in the communities we serve in,” Chambers said.

The take away from the week?

“As believers, we are called to lead in many different capacities,” said Lovelady pondering the week. “Are you willing to risk your religion and move out of your comfort zone? That is something that I will take away.”

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