Examples of Christ in the Workplace

November 03, 2015

Sheriffs discuss integration of their vocation and faith  

By Michael A. Lanier

CIU Student Writer

Two men whose professional lives are very public, joined Columbia International University President Bill Jones in Chapel on Oct. 29 to discuss living out their Christian faith in the workplace. South Carolina sheriffs Leon Lott of Richland County and Jim Matthews of Kershaw County both recently had the opportunity to show the community their faith through service after devastating floods in South Carolina in early October. 

Jones interviewed Lott about his experiences during a month that included the flooding and other challenges. But Lott told the CIU student body that during difficult times, “That’s when we need to be the strongest Christians we can be.”

“That’s not when you run away from your faith, that’s when you rely on your faith,” Lott said.  

Lott also acknowledged that seeing those in the community who displayed Christlike behavior during the floods by helping neighbors and strangers, boosted his own morale.

“People ask me how I made it 72 hours without sleeping,” Lott continued, commenting on the first nights of the flood. “It was because of the good Christian people helping others.”

Meanwhile, Matthews talked about his professional and spiritual struggles, and how he ultimately has come to see what God has called him to do: share the gospel through his actions as a law enforcement officer.

“My main goal as sheriff is to not do anything to bring dishonor to the Lord,” Matthews said. “I'm trying to do things now that affect eternity.”